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New process for billet rolling-Continuous casting and rolling

New process for billet rolling-Continuous casting and rolling

Billet rolling refers to the process of rolling steel ingot into slab, billet and shaped billet on blooming mill and destroying the cast structure of ingot. Steel billet rolling is a new process and technology based on the emergence of continuous casting steel in recent years. After the billet discharging from the continuous casting machine, it will be charged into the cogging machine for rolling billet or rolled into finished steel after reheating inline with billet heating furnace

Billet rolling process has the following advantages:

① Continuous casting and rolling process will make full use of waste heat of billet, and only heating with billet heating furnace to increase 200-300 ℃ of the billet surface, then the continuous casting billet will be sent into the rolling mill, which can be energy saving 50-80%.

② As no longer heated and increasing the product length, roll weight or weight, it can reduce the burning and cutting damage, so as to improve the finished product rate by 3% or more.

③ Due to the simplification of the production process, the inventory of billets can be reduced, the production cycle can be shortened, the equipment can be reduced and the plant area can be reduced, thereby saving capital investment and production costs.

④ Increase the billet caster pouring section, easy to use submerged nozzle and mold flux casting new technology, and thus solve the technical difficulties of small and medium-sized plant billet caster pouring small section.

Continuous casting billet direct rolling material is an important direction of development.

According to the actual situation of China’s metallurgical industry, the current repeated heating,that is, “many firewood” is quite common. The result is high energy consumption and low finished product yield. If continuous casting process has been used directly to replace the old process, it will achieve significant energy savings and economic benefits. If we consider the other factors, such as water, oil, electricity savings, its benefits should be greater .

Billet rolling process key technology

The key technology in billet rolling process is the interface of continuous casting mill and rolling mill. The purpose needs to make sure to case high quality no-defect continuous casting billet. At the same time, the billet should has high and uniform temperature. In general, we should consider the following key technologies:

Technology to increase the temperature of the billet

① Improve the continuous casting secondary cooling device and achieve the second cooling system optimization;

② Continuous casting billet rapid transportation and transportation of heat preservation technology;

③ Continuous casting billet inline reheating process technology, Forever has more than 20 project cases for continuous casting billet heating furnace, The experiment proved that the billet heating furnace can meet the billet rolling rebar requirements;

④ Others, such as Baosteel’s technology for rolling billet.

Steel billet rolling process

① Billet rolling process and procedure optimization technology;

② Low temperature direct rolling technology;

③ Improve the quality of production and molding technology

④ Billet rolling production process control technology.

Technology to ensure reliable and stable equipment for direct rolling

① Improve the reliability of equipment technology;

② Timely detection of caster and rolling mill failure technology .


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