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Online annealing VS General annealing,which method is winner?

                 Online annealing  VS  General annealing,which method is winner?
Now general annealing methods are annealing furnace annealing,,heat pipe type annealing, contact brush type transmission current annealing and induction annealing.The online annealing annealing equipment own more quick, shorter cycle,the most suitable price, little power consumption , and more affected so on advantages,so be warmly welcome.

Here are some introductions of the two common methods of annealing:

1.Heat pipe type annealing: mainly composed of stainless steel tube, heat pipe type annealing equipment heating wire, cooling liquid, take-up device etc.. By heating the filament through a hollow tube, heating hollow tube, to achieve the aim of annealing. The main advantages of the device: the device is relatively simple, can achieve online continuous annealing, and the annealing cycle is relatively short.

2.Induction annealing: induction annealing equipment mainly consisting of a power supply induction, induction coil, etc., and it is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction to for the purpose of annealed monofilaments.The device has many advantages, such as: do not need to brush the transport current to the monofilament, work caused by the resistance is small, the annealing efficiency is higher (lack the power consumption of back furnace annealing or heat pipe type annealing of half) to realize the annealing speed automatic tracking, almost no pollution to the environment

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Post time: 05-20-2016