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PLC Control system for continuous hardening and tempering furnace for bars

PLC Control system for continuous hardening and tempering furnace for bars

Located in Hebei province of China, Forever is specialized in producing medium frequency continuous hardening and tempering furnace for bars. With advanced mechanical and electrical technology, wide product range, stable and reliable formance, Forever continuous hardening and tempering furnace has exported to various countries over the years.

Why does IF continuous hardening and tempering furnace use PLC control system? What is PLC control system function?

PLC’s full name is programmable logic controller, we take it use for temperature control application ,which is called PLC temperature control method. The PLC system is mainly used to control the temperature during quenching, and temperature.

Simple principle for PLC temperature control : We set the infrared thermometer at the end of induction heater for quenching and induction heater for tempering. After get the temperature of quenching and temepring, the infrared thermometer will send a signal to PLC through the fibre wire. Compared with the setting temperature for quenching and tempering, the system will get the temperature difference. If the temperature is too high or too low, the power supply will regulate the power to reach the purpose of changing the heating temperature.

Excep tempertaure control, PLC system can also control the steel bar transportation speed, the roller rotation speed, charging and discharging actions. PLC has wider control range than PID sysetm, so PLC control sysetm is widely used for the control of continuous hardening and tempering furnace.


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