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Process & service of round bar hardening and tempering

Process & service of round bar hardening and tempering 

Yuantuo is a professional manufacturer of round bar hardening and tempering machine with strong technology in China, which is efficient and energy-saving in hardening and tempering round bars. It monitors the production process through the computer and welcomes new and old customers to negotiate and communicate.

Round bar hardening and tempering furnace basic parameters:

Equipment Name: Round bar continuous hardening and tempering furnace
The scope of application: 20-150mm
Equipment power: quenching power: 160-1000Kw; tempering power: 100-600Kw
Energy conversion: automatic tempering after quenching

Yuantuo round bar hardening and tempering furnace features:

• Using CNC technology, which has functions of connection, simultaneous, segmented connection, subsection and so on;

• Configurable integrated quench liquid circulating cooling system;

• Steel bar hardening and tempering furnace adopts profile structure body with high degree of automation;

• Use CNC system or PLC variable frequency speed control system to realize workpiece positioning and scanning and achieve full automation production through online connection of PLC and power supply.

• There is no phenomenon of cracks or deformation for the round bars after hardening and tempering.

Service that Yuantuo can provide for you:

1.24 hours timely response for round bar hardening and tempering furnace service.

2.The 24-hour response service provides reliable support and services. When round bar quenching and tempering problems occur, you can tell us by phone, fax, mail, etc.. We will give you technical assistance and services within 24 hours after receiving the situation report so that your business can be carried out smoothly.

Operation Support Service

Once you have purchased the round bar hardening and tempering furnace and put it into operation, these services will ensure that the round bar hardening and tempering furnace will continue to run within the design performance and even beyond the design performance.

We offer a comprehensive range of preventive and remedial repairs, spare parts, remote diagnostics and emergency assistance. In cooperation with you, we can provide tailor-made operation support service plans to increase uptime and production volume.


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