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Professional manufacturers share: domestic intermediate frequency heating furnace manufacturers, price, after-sale

Medium frequency induction heating furnace has become one of the most popular equipments in various industries. It not only brings higher profits for construction, automobile, bridge, railway, petroleum, mining machinery and other industries, but also promotes the rapid development of domestic economy. It has created happiness and wealth for people’s daily life. The value of a medium-frequency heating furnace far exceeds its own price. With the popularity of induction heating furnace, many users have become interested in the equipment. Many intermediate frequency induction heating furnace manufacturers gather in Hebei Province, this paper will be aimed at Hebei intermediate frequency heating furnace manufacturers, price, after-sale do a detailed introduction.


Hebei intermediate frequency heating furnace manufacturer Hebei intermediate frequency heating furnace manufacturers are more than one of the more well-known manufacturers, such as remote extension, Baoding Zhongqing, and so on, among which the far-reaching electric furnace has a long history of development. Witnessed the development of domestic induction heating equipment, after nearly 20 years of wind and rain, the equipment on the selection of materials and manufacturing technology to win the majority of users’ trust and praise!

There are many kinds of intermediate frequency induction reheating furnaces produced by Hebei Yuantuo Mechanical and Electrical Plant, among which the more common ones include: aluminum bar heating furnace, rebar heating equipment, steel bar heating equipment, steel pipe heating equipment, etc. Different types of equipment have different functions, combined with the needs of actual customers, tailor-made for the users, can meet the production needs of the vast number of users.

the price of Hebei Intermediate Frequency Induction heating Furnace Hebei Yuantuo Mechanical and Electrical Plant is in low-and middle-class consumption level from the regional point of view, and the cost of manufacturing equipment is lower than that of high-consumption area. In addition, because Hebei is a gathering place for the production of induction heating equipment, Competition is bigger, the price of equipment is affected by market competition, the quotation is more reasonable, more beneficial to user investment. Because the technology of medium frequency heating furnace is more advanced, its own investment cost is higher, the equipment price is more expensive than the ordinary equipment, the price of medium frequency heating furnace in the market is about hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. The actual quotation needs to be calculated according to the actual configuration, so if you want to know the price of medium frequency induction heating furnace, you need to call our service hotline, professional technical personnel to quote for you!

Hebei intermediate frequency heating furnace after-sales service theory specialty, Hebei Yuantuo electromechanical factory is more professional, on technology, far extension electromechanical is more exquisite, on strength, Hebei Yuantuo electromechanical plant more abundant, after sale, Hebei Yuantuo electromechanical more intimate. Follow the professional, exquisite, strong, sweet, and so on, to create the induction heating furnace to satisfy users, provide free installation, free guidance, free.


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