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Quality Axle Induction Hardening Equipment Supplier

Quality Axle Induction Hardening Equipment supplier


Over the years YuanTuo has developed the industry’s most comprehensive range of axle induction hardening equipment, induction heating equipment, induction tempering equipment to fully automatic, customized on-line systems. YuanTuo axle induction hardening equipment has widely used in steel industry, metallurgy industry,mining industry. YuanTuo can not only supply quality axle induction hardening equipment but also Forever will be responsible for the equipment after service.

Axle Induction Hardening Equipment Description:
1) MF Induction Hardening Machine
2) Simple  Operation and maintenance
3) Used for axle,shaft,drill pipe heating, hardening or other heat treatment
4) Energy saving, lower power consumption

Axle Induction Hardening Equipment Performance and Features

1.It has features including speedy heating, very less work piece deformation,uniform hardening depth,no need straightening after hardening.

2.High automatic degree assuring quality and enabling semi-automatic machine tool production. It is also applicable to tempering depending on actual operation temperature, in particular it enables hardening at certain case depth or local quenching, and is not replace by other means.

YuanTuo has been a premier manufacturer & exporter of axle induction hardening equipment since 12 years ago. Precision induction heating for axle is our focus. Our mission is to design and produce energy saving induction heating equipment for various work piece suitable for your plant.

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Post time: 08-18-2016