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Quality induction annealing furnace supplier

Quality induction annealing furnace supplier

YuanTuo  induction annealing furnace provide superior performance and outstanding durability for all your plant, regardless of the size of your foundry. Forever can offer a range of induction annealing furnace sizes that can satisfy the requirement of induction annealing to pipes and tubes,bars,rods and so on. If you have any questions about induction annealing furnace, welcome to send us email,we will be happy to help you.

YuanTuo induction annealing furnace features:

1.Heating fast:Fast,uniform and non-contact heating.

2.Heating wide range: wide range of metal parts can be heated (according to the different shape of the work-piece replacement of removable induction loop)

3.Simple installation and debugging: connect the power, induction loop and out of the water can be used;

4.Very easy to operate well: automatic PLC control, the user can easily learn it. No professional requirements.

5.Start fast: you can start with water after the heating power

6.Low energy consumption: high-frequency device than the old-fashioned tube about 70% energy saving, the smaller the power consumption of the smaller parts

7.Protection function is perfect : with over voltage, over current, overheating, lack of water and other alarm indicator, and automatic control and protection.

YuanTuo is the leading provider of induction annealing furnace in China. With advanced induction heating technology and fine workmanship, our induction heating equipment has acquired very good reputations. Today our commitment to the steel industry encumbrances a family of products in an effort to become more of a universal resource to our user

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