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Quality induction forging furnace supplier

Quality induction forging furnace supplier


YuanTuo is the leading supplier of induction forging furnace & we specialize in precision induction heating. Forever induction forging furnace can be used for heating, hardening, tempering, annealing, hardening and tempering for steel, aluminum and copper. With Forever induction forging furnace, we can help you improve your productivity and reduce the production cost.

Wide usage:

(1) Round steel bar

A. bolts, nuts, drill head hot forge, the car U-bolts, anchor bolt, connecting rod, non-standard parts processing, conductive rod
B. stainless steel tableware, stainless steel bolts and nuts
C. tools: pliers, bolt cutters, pipe clamp, water pump pliers, pliers, wrenches, ratchet wrenches,masonrychisel
D. Other: sewing gadgets, jack head, boss chair, shackles, hand rings, flowers Lancashire body, feet kidnapper, tricycle axle, briquettes machine Chong-pin, roll gate axis, articulated manifolds, hot-rolled twist drill, Hot-rolled rebar, hot-rolled woodworking drill, bearing
(2) Sheet/Slabcategories
A. forged stainless steel cutlery, automotive steel plate.
B. sheet folding: folding iron hand jack, metal folding channel, automotive steel, hot rolled construction steelbuckle, automotive leaf spring
C. embossed: Iron Works embossing, embossing motorcycle brake pedal heating, sanitary ware.
D. Forming: bending, upsetting head, punching, flatten, step by step tight angle iron molding, from nails, rasp, sanitary ware

YuanTuo offers automatic and high-quality induction heating furnace  for demanding industrial applications. Forever can design and make the induction forging furnace according to the material’s grade, specification and heating requirement.We believe that you will find the heating furnace you want in Forever.

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Post time: 08-11-2016