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Quality induction heat treating furnace supplier

Quality induction heat treating furnace supplier


YuanTuo is the leading supplier of induction heat treating furnace & we specialize in precision induction heating. Forever induction heat treating furnace can be used for heating, hardening, tempering, annealing, hardening and tempering for steel, aluminum and copper. With Forever induction heat treating furnace , we can help you improve your productivity and reduce the production cost.

Inductive heating is very useful where highly repetitive operations are performed. Once an induction heating device is properly adjusted, part after part is heated with identical results. The ability of induction heating to heat parts identically means that the process is adaptable to completely automatic operation, where the material is loaded and unloaded mechanically.

Inductive heating has made it possible to locate operations, such as quenching, in production lines along with other machine tools instead of in remote, separate departments.It saves the time of transporting the parts from one part of the factory to another. Inductive heating is clean. It does not throw off unpleasant heat. Working conditions around induction heating equipment is good. They do not give off the smoke and dust which are sometimes associated with heat-treatment departments and forge shops.

YuanTuo offers automatic and high-quality induction heat treating furnace for demanding industrial applications. Forever can design and make the induction heating equipment according to the material’s grade, specification and heating requirement.We believe that you will find the heating system you want in Forever.

This article is from Forever- Steel Ball Production line supplier.

Post time: 08-12-2016