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Quality standard for induction heating equipment

Quality standard for induction heating equipment

The quality of the induction heating equipment impact a lot on  heating quality, labor conditions and equipment investment .So when you decide to buy induction heating equipment should be more cautious. Induction heating equipment and induction heat treatment equipment manufacturers -YuanTuo  furnace company  provide you  the induction heating equipment quality standards  for your reference.

1 .Good heating quality, can meet the requirements of forging and forging heat treatment temperature, uniform heating, oxidation and decarburization, burning less.
2,Fast heating speed, can meet the production capacity, with a high production capacity of the unit area (if the intensity of the equipment at the bottom).
3.The intermediate frequency induction equipment has high thermal efficiency, that is, the fuel consumption of the heating unit is low.
4.Simple and compact structure, low cost, refractory materials and a variety of material consumption is less.
5.Working conditions are good, operation, maintenance is convenient, as far as possible to achieve mechanization, automation operation.
6.Low noise, harmful gases and less smoke, and its various indicators meet the environmental requirements.

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Post time: 06-07-2016