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Questions and answers for bar hardening and tempering furnace

Questions and answers for bar hardening and tempering furnace

Steel bar Hardening and tempering furnace components: induction heating power, PLC control system, feed rack,inductor, quenching system, the tempering system,discharging device and optional accessories. Optional accessories are: infrared temperature, frequency cabinet, low voltage power supply cabinet, cooling system.

The steel bar Hardening and tempering furnace is non-standard products. As the professional manufacturer of fully automated control Hardening and tempering furnace, the entire process of monitoring production process is controlled by computer. The user can provide workpiece size and heating temperature the workpiece required, our technical staff will design perfect technical solution for you.

Steel bar Hardening and tempering furnace whole process is as follows:

Place the steel bar on the storage rack → Feeding bars automatically → enter the roller table → induction heating → the material discharging roll table → quenching → feed roller table → induction tempering → the material discharge roller table → the platform to receive the bars

Steel bar Hardening and tempering furnace is the process of bar hardening, tempering and holding. After heat treatment, the bars wear resistance and hardness all improved.

Steel bar hardening and tempering process can be achieved through three stages: Heating, Cooling and Tempering. During this process, the steel bar must get uniform heating and cooling, it will not have crack and deformation. According to different material and speed requirements, our engineer will chose the suitable power, frequency and spray ring to achieve bar hardening and tempering.

Steel bar hardening and tempering furnace features:
1.Intelligent series resonant IF power control, rectifier fully open, high power factor. Harmonic components are small.
2.The roller between the coils are non-magnetic 304 stainless steel, inclined and water cooling, greatly extending the roller life.
3,.Roller roller adopts ceramic roller, making the workpiece no wear in running.
4.The spraying system is using multi-stage stainless steel water ring, and the pressure and the flow of the spray ring can be independent regulation to meet the requirements of different hardenability.
5. The bars hardening and tempering is using the United States Raytek thermometer to control the temperature.
6. The steel bar does not require straightening after quenching, no bending, no deformation phenomenon due to uniform heating and cooling.

Question 1
Customers may be concerned about whether our bar hardening and tempering furnace need straightening after heat treatment.

Answer: Until now, Forever already has many successful cases of bar hardening and tempering heat treatment. We can take you around the user’s plant to see the system running and test the workpiece.

Question 2
How do you deal with the gas discharged from quenching tank? Is this device closed or processed?

Answer:There will be a gas hood on the heat treatment equipment of the machine, and we will pass the gas to the outside of workpiece. The gas is water vapor, no pollution, no color.

Question 3
If we also need the system to do annealing for the bars, can the system achieve this process?

Answer: Yes.Our bar hardening and tempering furnace can be used for annealing at the same time. During the operation, you can stop the quenching tank and adjust the heat treatment parameters, then it can achieve annealing.

Question 4

If we have many sizes of bars that need to do heat treatment, can one hardening and tempering furnace do it?

Answer:Firstly, we need to see the bars range that you need to do heat treatment. If the minimum diameter and maximum diameter has more than 3 times difference, then one bar heat treatment furnace can not finish it.You have to buy two lines.

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