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Round steel bar quenching and tempering equipment stride forward towards high-tech

Judging from the development of the whole heat treatment industry and the market demand, the technology and manufacturing level of the quenched and tempered equipment for round steel bars are not yet mature, there are also a large number of replication technologies and lack of intake of high-tech technologies. So many products are imported from abroad, although it can meet the domestic demand, but in the long-term development situation, such a road will not be long-term. Although the development speed of quenching and tempering equipment of round steel bar and the whole heat treatment industry has been improved, it is not conducive to the improvement of heat treatment technology and intellectual property right of our country because it relies on advanced technology and equipment of foreign countries for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to develop high-end Bar indution hardening tempering equipment technology.

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Under the strong support of the state, from the macro point of view, China’s high-speed economic development is closely related to the heat treatment industry, from the development of recent years, Heat treatment industry and round steel bar quenching and tempering equipment, although the market and the impact of the world financial turmoil have also achieved considerable success. Therefore, it is proud to be able to achieve such results in this harsh environment, but the quenching and tempering equipment for round steel bars can be better developed, and more efforts need to be made to develop higher-tech quenching and tempering equipment for round steel rods. It will be the main development direction of each heat treatment enterprise in the future.


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