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Safe and environmentally friendly Induction electric furnace, do you need it?

In recent years, “environmental protection” safety “has become an important topic faced by metal heating treatment plants, and it is also the direction of research for far-reaching electromechanical manufacturers in the past 20 years!

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Induction electric furnace, that is, metal electric heating furnace, produced by remote electromechanical manufacturers, easily meets the environmental protection and safety standards, and becomes a good choice for heating treatment of metal workpieces such as steel rod, steel pipe, steel bar, screw steel, aluminum rod, billet and so on. In the metal heating industry has been attached importance.

Safety and environmental protection, whether or not the induction heating furnace can reach the safe and environmental protection working state is the concern of the users of the metal heating plant. This set of metal electric heating furnace designed and produced by Hebei Yuantuo Electrical and Mechanical Factory is strictly made. Rigorous design, easy to meet environmental protection, safety standards.

So how to do environmental protection? The requirement station of metal heating equipment plays a decisive role in selecting green metal electric heating equipment and setting up environmental protection metal heating treatment line so that users can no longer be disturbed by dust and noise pollution and the profit can be greatly increased by high-efficiency and worry-free production. Various types of steel bar heating furnace and steel tube heating furnace produced by Yuantuo Electrical and Mechanical Factory

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