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Sales Bar Heating Equipment

Sales  Bar Heating Equipment  

The bar heating is very important process in the bar production.So a good Bar Heating Equipment is indispensable for the bar process industry.YuanTuo furnace company has accumulated a wealth of experience to manufacture all kinds of the bar heating equipment to meet customers’ requirement.There are main advantages for adopting the Forever furnace company’s bar heating equipment.

Main advantages of the bar heating equipment: 

1.Heating fast.Compared with other heating method,our bar heating equipment use the advanced induction heating technology then the time of the bar heated to a certain temperature only need few second.

2.Saving energy. when no need to heat ,the power supply can be turn off because the re-start is very fast no need to keep the power supply on all the time to keep the temperature in the furnace.

3.Our bar heating equipment adopt the infrared thermometer to control the temperature precisely.

4.Quick replace furnace. The induction heating furnace can be replaced flexible according to the bar’s size and length.

As a longstanding heat treating company, Forever furnace company work on to supply you the good quality and warm service, If you have any problems about the bar heating equipment or other induction heat treating equipment,please tell us, we will try my best to service  for you.

Post time: 07-06-2016