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Same continuous hardening and tempering furnace but different price

Same continuous hardening and tempering furnace but different price

The price of continuous hardening and tempering furnace has always been one of the important factors in determining whether the customer will buy. However, for the same technical requirement for the workpiece, customer will get different prices from different manufacturers. Then it’s important for customers to know the reason of different price when they are inquiring the price of continuous hardening and tempering furnace. As it will directly effect the quality of thehardening and tempering furnace, here Forever will tell you which part you should focus on.

1.Driving mode
Manufacturers often design chain as the driving force. However, if there is a problem with any chain of the device, the entire conveyor system will stop working. If you use a separate inverter motor as replacement, there is no problem. The system will still work even if there is a problem with any one of motors. The cost of single inverter motor is three times that of a chain type.

2.The material of roll
Normally, the manufacturer will not use 304 stainless steel as a roller, just use ordinary carbon steel. But Forever roller & shaft is all 304 stainless steel, then the price will have much difference.

3.Infrared thermometer
For domestic users, they don’t have high requirement for the infrared thermometer. But for the foreign customers, the manufacturer must use infrared thermometer, the reason is that famous import thermometer is more stable and accurate and easy to buy at abroad.

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4.Water cooling system
In China, we do not need to add water filter for cooling system. However, in some areas, due to poor water quality, water cooling system should be set up water filtration system. Then this cost will also affect the total price.

In general, the main reason for the difference in the price of continuous hardening and tempering furnace is the details. Therefore, we suggest that the user should come to the factory for checking before making any decisions.


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