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Simple classification of induction heating equipment (one)

Simple classification of induction heating equipment (one)

Depending on the high or low frequency alternating current output of equipment, the induction heating equipment can be divided into five categories according to working frequency: low-frequency induction heating equipment, induction heating equipment, super-audio frequency induction heating equipment, high frequency induction heating equipment and ultra-high frequency induction heating equipment.Today, YuanTuo furnace company will introduce the few categories to you.
1) low-frequency induction heating equipment:

The frequency is lowest.Frequency range: frequency (50HZ) to about 1 KHZ. The low-frequency induction heating equipment commonly adopt the frequency.The relative heating depth and heating thickness is maximum —- about 10-20 mm ; Mainly used for large parts of the overall heating, annealing, tempering and surface hardening.

2)IF  induction heating equipment

Frequency range: generally about 1 KHZ to 20 KHZ, typical value is about 8 KHZ. Heating depth and heating thickness is about  about 3-10 mm. The equipment is mainly used to heating large parts.Such as  large-diameter shaft, large diameter thick wall pipe, big modulus gear and other parts’ annealing, tempering, quenching and surface hardening and the smaller diameter rods red red, forging pressure so on.The IF induction heating equipment is the major product from Forever furnace company.

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Post time: 06-27-2016