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Simple induction heating equipment quality standards

Simple induction heating equipment quality standards

Induction forging  industry is an important application area​​ for induction heating equipment. The quality of induction heating equipment has a great influence on the  forging  quality aspects, working conditions and investment in equipment , so buying induction heating equipment should be highly valued.

Professional induction heating equipment manufacturers –Forever furnace company  provide you with induction heating equipment  quality standards for your reference.

  • Heating good quality,  to reach the required temperature for forging or induction heat treatment.Uniform heating, oxidation, burning and decarbonization less.
  •  The heating speed can meet the production capacity, with higher production per unit area .
  • High thermal efficiency of medium frequency induction heating equipment, namely heating fuel consumption per unit weight of metal is low.
  •  Simple structure, compact, low cost, less consumption of refractory materials and various materials.
  •  long life and  good working conditions, operation, easy maintenance, mechanization and automation as possible.
  •  Low noise, less harmful gases and dust, the indicators in line with environmental requirements.

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Post time: 06-20-2016