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Simple introduction about the induction hardening

                           Simple introduction about the induction hardening
Induction hardening is the specified heating zone specified time specified power will heat accurately delivered to the surface material for rapid heating, there is no need to processing the parts. Therefore, high energy efficiency can save energy greatly.

The results of induction quenching depend on the interaction of the complex process parameters such as the design of the induction coil and the quenching device, the material analysis, the geometry of the part, the heating frequency, the power and the quenching cycle. We have all the professional knowledge required by the electromagnetic field, power electronics, metallurgy and induction quenching processes. Induction quenching is a kind of clean and non – contact technology, which can avoid the damage to the environment, and make the workplace safer and more healthy.
Induction quenching has been widely used in the quenching process of auto parts. Combined with the induction heating power supply, the quenching process is controllable and repeatable, which is suitable for the quality requirements of the automobile industry.
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Post time: 05-13-2016