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Some principles of choose induction heat treatment equipment

                    Some principles of choose induction heat treatment equipment
Induction treatment equipment is a means of performing the heat treatment process, is an important tool in the production process of heat treatment after heat treatment process made.Induction heat treatment equipment is the key to decide the quality of  work piece
heat treatment. Then how to choose the suitable induction heat treatment equipment?
Advanced and practical combination:

1.To meet the requirements of thermal treatment process;

2.To ensure the quality of the workpiece heat treatment;

3.It is beneficial to improve production efficiency and reduce production cost;

4.To ensure that the service life and convenient maintenance;

5.The energy-saving emission reduction and production safety. According to the process, the reasonable choice of heat treatment equipment can reduce the processing cost and achieve the goal of energy saving and emission reduction.
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Post time: 05-05-2016