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stainless steel pipe induction heating equipment

Advantages of using PLC remote control for stainless steel pipe heat treatment furnace:

1. The stainless steel pipe heating equipment produced by Forever has low energy consumption and a conversion efficiency of over 99%.

2. Environmental protection and energy conservation. Can improve the working environment for workers.

3. As long as the steel pipe parameter values are set, the system will automatically display, memorize, store, print, and have an automatic alarm function in case of faults.

4. Fully digital, intelligent, and highly adjustable parameters allow you to control the long bar induction hardening and tempering furnace with ease.

5. Equipped with a comprehensive management system and system restoration function, it is simple and easy to learn.

6. Highly user-friendly operation instructions, combined with a human-machine interface for the stainless steel pipe heating furnace.

7. The stainless steel pipe heating equipment can provide corresponding language switching according to different countries and regions.

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