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Steel bar induction heating furnace

According to the requirements of users, Yuantuo electromechanical production line of Bar indution hardening tempering equipment. After many years of experience, Yuantuo believes that users should follow the following principles when purchasing steel bar conditioning and conditioning equipment.

1, the principle of serving the production process.

When purchasing the steel rod tempering heat treatment furnace, the customer should select the appropriate steel rod tempering heat treatment equipment according to the diameter, length and material of the plate.

2, Principles of high efficiency and good quality

For an enterprise, the production efficiency determines the economic benefit, and the product quality determines the survival of the enterprise. The productivity level directly reflects the production capacity of the production line. Therefore, the higher the productivity, the better the economic benefits. In order to improve the product quality, the buyer should choose the steel bar tempering heat treatment line with high precision and high automation.

yuantuo development machine electric steel bar heat treatment furnace:

1, heating mode is medium frequency heating quenching and tempering.

2, PLC controls workpiece running speed, heating temperature, heating efficiency

3, to achieve all production data recording, archiving, query, printing and other functions.

4. Steel bar heating furnace has the characteristics of reliable performance, durable, excellent quality and so on.



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