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Steel bar,round bar induction forging heating furnace

Steel bar,round bar induction forging furnace

Forever Furnace steel bar,round bar induction forging furnace is mainly used for diathermy of bars, round bars, square steel and steel slab,steel billet online heating,wire partial heating, metal material online forging heating(such as gear,axle and bearing hot forging),metal material extrusion,rolling and shearing before heating.

Outstanding characteristic of Steel bar,round bar induction forging heating furnace

1.Medium frequency double voltage output type design can reduce line power consumption, saving up to 10% -15%.

2.Induction heating furnace use double insulation treatment, which can increase service life and reliability. Thin lining design can reduce space magnetic flux leakage. Power conversion efficiency is high.

3.Fabricated induction furnace is easy to assemble.We use domestic longest new energy-saving lining.

4.Energy efficient and low burning billet.The induction forging heating furnace can meet most of the requirements of the billet precision molding in the absence of protective atmosphere conditions.

5. Fully automatic feeding machine and feeding device, reducing labor cost and improving productivity.

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Post time: 04-01-2016