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Supply billet heating furnace as per billet heating process in the mill

Supply billet heating furnace as per billet heating process in the mill

YuanTuo, which has been established for more than 10 years, having 80 workers including 10 technicians. The company mainly produces complete billet heating furnace and hardening and tempering furnace, the company’s products have been exported to the Middle East, Africa, Russia, Japan, Argentina, Serbia and other countries and regions, the company and passed the ISO9001 international standard quality management system.

The billet heating process can be divided into four categories:
(1) Full length of billet need to be heated
(2) Billet end need to be heated
(3) Local billet need to be heated, that is, heating some part of the billet
(4) Reheating the billet inline, that is, heating from 700 ℃ to 1100 ℃.

According to the billet size and different heating requirement, the rolled billet can be heated with induction billet heating furnace. Please see as follows:

1. Cycle billet heating furnace. That is, only a blank in the induction furnace for heating. After reaching the required heating temperature, the power is stopped, and then take out the hot billet and heat another one.

2. Sequential billet heating furnace means placing several billets at the same time in the induction furnace. During the induction heating, these billets will be transport from one end to the other end as per a certain time rhythm, that is, one hot billet entering from the port and it will be hot billet when its discharging.

3. Continuous induction heating, that is, a long billet continuous through the billet heating furnace. During the uniform running process, the billet will be heated to the required temperature and discharge. The power is continuous.


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