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Supply good quality,low price Steel Bar Hardening Equipment

Supply good quality,low price Steel Bar Hardening Equipment

Forever is acknowledged as a technologically advanced in induction heating applications China.Our induction heating equipment is used widely to induction hardening, induction forging technology, induction heating systems and other induction machinery.

Subject to the project requirements,our company can draw from our pool of expertise and assemble a team of engineers with all the relevant skills to manage the critical elements of your project all of who will be overseen by a project manager. This project manager will be the main conduit to channel communication between Forever and the customer and will be responsible for the overall delivery of the system.

Forever wide range of Induction Heating Products and Services cover many applications including Induction Bending, Induction Hardening, Induction Annealing such the Steel Bar Hardening Equipment

Our technical team depending on the rich industry knowledge and induction is able to provide ‘Complete Induction Heat Treatment Solutions’ to a wide variety of traditional and non-standard equipment.

From initial specification through design approval to pass off, final commissioning and handover we make sure the customer involvement to ensure the equipment can meet your production requirement.

For more information about other induction heat treating equipment,please feel free to contact with us by email or call us directly.

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