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Supply high quality Steel pipe hardening equipment

Supply high quality Steel pipe hardening equipment

Over the years YuanTuo furnace company has developed the industry’s most comprehensive range of induction heating products—–from the small induction heating furnace to the large induction heat treating equipment .Our company produced steel pipe hardening equipment with the automatic operation and customized design feature.

The Steel Pipe Hardening Equipment has a wide range application in the pipe production.In order to increase the hardness of the steel pipe then the hardening is necessary.

YuanTuo furnace company has good understanding of the induction heating technology to supply you the high quality steel pipe hardening equipment and no worries after -sales service.

The service of the steel pipe hardening equipment:

1..A list of spare list will be provided free of charge.

2.The complete technical document will be provided.

3.Provided one year warranty period and long term technical service support.

4.Free induction heat treating equipment solution for your no mater your equipment by from our company our others’.

More information,please feel free to contact with us.We are looking forward to your news.


Post time: 07-05-2016