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The advantages of the induction annealing

                                                                   The advantages of the induction annealing
The induction annealing can make many techniques and materials to heat and anneal to achieve their optimum physical properties. The materials which can be induction annealing including all kinds of metals and alloys, such as all kinds of the steel, stainless steel,cooper and other metal materials.

The followings are the advantages of the induction annealing technology:

1.Annealing fast.
2.High efficiency.
3.Saving energy ?obviously, Compared with the vacuum?annealing?furnace,one ton cooper annealing can save half power by induction annealing.
4.The induction annealing equipment can work together with other equipment, such as the wire?drawing?machine
5.The induction annealing can produce no environmental?pollution
6.Simple operation and easy install.

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Post time: 04-07-2016