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The advantages of the induction annealing furnace

                                      The advantages of the induction annealing furnace
Forever furnace company specializing in the production of induction annealing furnace, induction annealing equipment, enterprise of domestic a 10 years of professional R & D and production of induction heating equipment and complete sets of metal processing equipment, the company has strong technical force and production capacity, has a perfect quality management and after-sales service system, company is now producing all kinds of medium frequency induction heating equipment, products widely used in the field of metal processing heat treatment.
The equipment which produced by our company were sold more than 10 provinces in China,and exported to Russia, Japan, Taiwan, India and Eastern Europe, etc.
We rely on advanced technology, sophisticated processing technology, perfect after-sales service, to ensure that the user can buy at ease, used to be at ease
Intermediate frequency induction annealing furnace equipment performance advantage:
1 the heating temperature is high, and it is a non contact heating.
2 heating efficiency is higher than the old equipment energy saving 30-50%.
3 the heating speed is fast and the surface of the heated object is less oxidized.
4 temperature is easy to control, and the workpiece is easy to be heated evenly.
5 can be localized heating, can heat the complex shape of the workpiece.
6 simple operation safety – equipment has a variety of control and protection functions.
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Post time: 05-09-2016