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The advantages of the Steel billet induction heating equipment:

                        The advantages of the Steel billet induction heating equipment:

The steel billet induction heating equipment of its own structure determines its advantages, please see the following introduction:
Billet induction heating equipment, heating systems, with small size, the advantages of light weight, high efficiency, excellent heat processing quality and favorable environment is rapidly eliminated burning coal stove, gas furnace, fuel furnace and common electric resistance furnace is a new generation of metal heating equipment.

Steel billet induction heating equipment

Billet induction heating equipment on the principle of electromagnetic induction, the heat in the workpiece itself, use simple without burning furnace professional workers ahead of the burning furnace and furnace seal, ordinary workers can for their own use, and the heating speed is very fast, ten minutes can finish casting hot work. The intermediate frequency furnace of high production efficiency and don’t have to worry because of power failure or equipment failure caused by coal stove has billet heating waste phenomenon. If the induction heating of the intermediate frequency furnace is in itself, the heat is generated in the work-piece, so the heating is uniform, and the temperature of the core is very small. The application of the temperature control system can realize the accurate control of the temperature and improve the product quality and the qualified rate .
Billet induction heating equipment is the electric heating furnace is the most energy-efficient heating from room temperature to 1100 tons of forgings, power consumption less than 360 degrees. Compared induction heating furnace with burning furnace, workers will no longer be scorching sun baking stove with the smoke, no pollution, low energy consumption, not only environmentally friendly but also improve the working environment and the company’s image.
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Post time: 05-12-2016