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The application of induction hardening

                                The application of induction hardening
Forever furnace company has solved the brake pads induction hardening problem perfectly with  many years’ production experience.Our company has cooperate with many companies to  to produce the break pads.Our company own the mature technology on induction hardening.                                

The induction hardening can apply to the brake pads and the brake shoes. Also there are many applications need the induction hardening.
Now some examples will show you where need the induction hardening?
1.Diameter of bolt less than 40MM to heat and Deformation.
2. Diameter of nut less than 30MM to heat and Deformation.
3.Diameter of gear less than 400MM induction hardening treatment.
4.Diameter of axle less than 120MM induction hardening treatment.
5.Diameter of chain wheel less than 500MM induction hardening treatment.
6.All kinds of the car spare parts to heat and Deformation.
7.All kinds of the pipe inner induction hardening.
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Post time: 03-17-2016