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The core components and performance characteristics of induction heating furnace!

With the development of high performance, energy saving and environmental protection and high integration in metal hot working industry in recent years, the requirements for metal processing technology are getting higher and higher. Induction heating machine has gradually replaced the traditional manual production mode to become the mainstream of the industry. Intermediate frequency heating equipment uses inductor for contactless heating. It can be seen that inductor is the core element of tubing heating furnace.

the planar inductor is adopted to directly complete the metal heating, because the heating heat is concentrated in the range of about 4 times of the heating width, the heating power required is small, the heating cost is lower, and meanwhile, due to the rapid local heating, the oxidation and the deformation of the steel pipe are minimized, The accurate and consistent diathermy also causes the fine grain structure to be obtained in the whole heating area, so that the requirement of the heating temperature process is achieved, the comprehensive mechanical property of the work-piece is improved, and the service life of the oil pipe is improved. The inductor is formed by packaging a rectangular copper pipe and a mica plate, the heating efficiency is high, and the heating speed is high.

The performance characteristics of hot rolled steel pipe equipment are as follows:

1. The arrangement of the equipment parts is reasonable, the structure is compact, the space is saved for the user, the full load of the equipment is more than 99%, and the continuous production for 24 hours is not a problem.

2, the equipment temperature control accuracy is high, through the original infrared thermometer, the power of the equipment can be adjusted, the heating can be uniform, the temperature difference of the core table is small, and the heating of the workpiece can meet the requirements.

3, if heating equipment is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly than other equipment, special heating mode, low energy consumption through induction coil heating, no pollution, high efficiency, all production indicators meet the standards of relevant departments,

4, intermediate frequency heating equipment has the functions of manual operation and automatic operation, equipment operators can only switch switches, high controllable performance;

5, the equipment has the function of data confidentiality, the operator can set the password, manage the equipment production data.

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