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The deformed bar heat treatment furnurce

The main characteristics of the hot rolling Deformed bar heat treatment machine are:

1. High heating temperature and short time mean fast heating speed: fast heating speed, low surface oxide skin burning rate of the heated metal workpiece, saving materials and costs.

2. High efficiency. The efficiency of induction heating is 30%~50% higher than that of flame furnaces, and 20%~30% higher than that of resistance furnaces, with significant energy-saving effects.

3. The hot rolling deformed bar Induction heat treatment furnace adopts the American Raytheon thermometer to control the temperature, with uniform heating and stable process conditions;


4. The steel bars processed by the Induction billet heater for rebar rolling have strong toughness, high hardness, and good plasticity;

5. Appearance of the induction heating equipment for threaded steel bars: The overall design is simple, beautiful and generous, easy to operate, and the display is clear. Split structure, suitable for working in various environments.

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