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The good manufacture for induction heat treating furnace


                            The good manufacture  for induction heat treating furnace
Now many factories adopt the indcution heat treating furnace to heat and heat treating the metal for the induction heat treating furnace with the application area widly,high heating efficiency nand running reliability advantages.                      
There are many companies produce induction heat treating furnace,but why more and more clients choose Forever furnace company first ? Because the induction hea treating furnace from Forever furnace company have the following advantages:

1.The  adjustable frequency and time can improve the heating quality and heating repeatability.Operating the induction heat treating furnace easily.

2.Installing easily,just need to connect the 3 phase power,iner water and out water then can work, only need minutes time.

3.Heating efficiency can reach 90% but save more power at the same time .The whole equipment doesn’t cost power also can run working continuous 24 hours.

4.The induction rollers can replaced freely so it can reduce the  oxidizes to out of shape of work pieces.

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Post time: 03-16-2016