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The great role of the control system in the continuous hardening and tempering furnace

The great role of the control system in the continuous hardening and tempering furnace

The numerical control type control system for continuous hardening and tempering furnace adopts the advanced Siemens CNC system, which is the control center of the whole equipment and controls the operation of the medium frequency heating electric furnace and the heat treatment process of the workpiece. The most important feature of this system is to improve the hardening quality assurance function of the workpiece. It is achieved by configuring the energy monitor in the control system. Using the basic principle of energy equal to power and time integration, a certain screen of the display shows whether the energy value is within the preset energy deviation band range, so as to determine whether the heating energy of the part is accurate, once the energy detection result exceeds or falls below the user set, it will display the fault signal, and then reset the program and execute according to the fault characteristics.

When the automatic numerical control continuous hardening and tempering equipment enters into operation, the CNC system can monitor the working status of the equipment on the screen and continuously display the fault information. Once the failure occures, the CNC system takes measures with the fastest response speed to avoid damage to parts or furnaces. In the event of a fault, the first reaction is to immediately stop the program from continuing and the heat treatment process stops, and the fault is memorized in the fault program and the alarm content is displayed at the same time. Only after the operator or technician eliminates the fault, the control system fault alarm disappears, or the process program is reset and the furnace can continue to work.

After thehardening and tempering furnace is turned off, the last machined workpiece parameters and programs are automatically stored for the next operation call. The control system is equipped with a complete editing function for the input and modification of the workpiece heat treatment program.

All parts programs can be stored in the CNC system, and can also be transferred to the computer through the CNC system communication port, which is convenient for the heat treatment process editing and processing of the workpiece when the machine is off.

Through the man-machine interface, it can display the induction heating power supply, motor, quenching liquid water temperature and liquid level, cooling system pressure, flow rate and temperature, workpiece heating status and so on. Keyboard edits, adjusts, modifies quenching programs, enters and sets parameters.


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