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The highlights of the bar induction hardening equipment

The highlights of the bar induction hardening equipment

As  one of the supply leader with outstanding process competence to manufacture the induction heat treating equipment in China, YuanTuo furnace company has produced many sets of the bar induction hardening equipment.Our company’s bar induction hardening equipment mainly used to the bar production to increase the bar’s hardness.

The main highlights of the bar induction hardening equipment :

1.The induction hardening is a clean process.The induction hardening will only consume energy when they are in use. Gas- and oil-fired furnaces by contrast consume an enormous amount of energy also during idling phases. In addition, harmful CO2 and NOx emissions are released during the combustion, but the induction hardening equipment  work free of emissions.

2.Compared with traditional furnace technique hardening, induction hardening requires much less energy, it is performed much faster and it additionally minimizes distortion.

3.The induction hardening equipment are not used they simply switch into energy efficient standby mode to save energy.

4.Adopt the new induction heating technology to achieve optimal system efficiency.

5.Unmatched temperature uniformity.

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Post time: 07-12-2016