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The importance of heating steel billet

Normalizing is a kind of heat treatment technology that the forging is often adopted. Why do you want to normalize when the Steel billet induction heating ? This paper gives an answer to this question.

Normalizing brings hardness and strength to steel parts. In addition, normalizing also helps to reduce the internal stress produced in forging, casting, machining, forming or welding. Normalizing can also improve the uniformity and responsiveness of microstructure after heat treatment (such as annealing or hardening), and improve the stability by applying “thermal memory” to subsequent low temperature treatment. Components that require high toughness and withstand impact usually require normalizing. If large section components are normalized, they also need to be tempered to further reduce stress and control mechanical properties more strictly.

The typical purpose of normalizing treatment is to improve machining performance, improve dimensional stability change and / or refine grain structure to form uniform microstructure to reduce banded microstructure. Effect of large ductile stable hardening or surface hardening

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Post time: 05-23-2019