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The manufacture for induction heating furnace


                        The manufacture for induction heating furnace

Who is the good manufacture for induction heating furnace?Forever Furnace,one of the leading manufacturers of induction heating furnace and induction heating system in China.Forever Furnace has provided top quality induction heating furnace and induction heating system with the advanced technology and excellent service since 1999.


Forever Furnace is specialized in manufacturing large equipment such as induction heat treating furnace for steel bar, round steel heat treating line, grinding rod hardening and tempering, billet induction heater, complete skew ball rolling machine, medium frequency hardening machine and so on.The production lines are equipped with advanced digital IGBT induction heating power supply,PLC control and infrared thermometer.Our equipment is widely used thermal processing field such as forging and extrusion heating,bars and tubes heating,shrink fitting,induction quenching,tempering,annealing and brazing.

Forever Furnace have designed and manufactured the first domestic 2500 KW hot rolling production line for bars continuous heating and 4000 KW steel bar hot rolling heating line,saving energy greatly and reliably.
Today we serve hundreds of customers worldwide and export quenching and tempering lines and system to India,Taiwan,Russia,Indonesia.
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Post time: 03-15-2016