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The present situation and Development trend of Induction heating Furnace Control Technology in the far Future

Yuantuo is specialized in producing Induction heating machine ,quenched heat treatment equipment and quenched heat treatment production line for more than 20 years. The induction heating equipment is leading in technology and unique induction technology in Yuantuo. The induction heating equipment produced is energy-saving and environmental friendly, and its power consumption is low. The production efficiency is high, adapts to the future development trend.

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Nowadays, the iron and steel industry is the basic industry in the industrial field, and the rolling production is an important link in the production process of the iron and steel industry. Induction heating furnace is the main fuel consumption in rolling production. As a big consumer of energy consumption, the iron and steel industry plays an important role in energy saving and consumption reduction. The energy-saving and consumption-reducing problem of reheating furnace, which occupies the top 1/4 of energy consumption in the metallurgical industry, is at the top of the list.

With the continuous improvement and optimization of induction heating furnace production technology and the improvement of industrial automation level of heating furnace production and the popularization of computer technology application, with the development of large-scale iron and steel industry and automation technology; The control of the thermal process of induction heating furnace and the application of computer technology to realize the computer control of optimizing the firing of steel are deeply studied. No matter from the aspects of energy saving and consumption reduction in the heating production process and improving the quality and output of the product, Or from the steel bar heating furnace in the iron and steel industry production position, both have very important realistic significance. As an engineer engaged in automatic control of induction heating furnace, understanding the current situation of heating furnace control technology and the application prospect of new technology will play a certain reference role for us to choose reasonable control solutions in engineering design.

New technology development: the development of remote electromechanical control technology for induction heating furnace, from the technical point of view, mainly reflected in the development of hardware technology and software technology; From the perspective of process research and development, mainly reflected in standardization and core technology research and development and technical services. The main results are as follows:

(1) the hardware technology of induction heating equipment and quenching heat treatment equipment, the control system developed by far extension is beginning to reveal the angle, the localization of control system will be a developing direction, and it is also an expectation of the automation engineer of remote induction heating equipment.

(2) Heat treatment equipment, control unit of quenched and tempered production line. In view of the development of technology, 64-bit processor also begins to enter the field of industrial control. It will double the computing ability and storage ability of the controller, and turn all kinds of complicated algorithms and control strategies into reality.

(3) Induction heating equipment fieldbus technology. Fieldbus technology is a kind of frontier application technology, which has been widely used in chemical industry, oil and gas, oil refining, petrochemical industry, especially automobile production line. It can save 15% of total project investment and increase the efficiency of plant operation by 2%. In the foreseeable future, the control technology of induction heating furnace will be popularized and applied.


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