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The SCR medium frequency induction heating furnace

                           The  SCR medium frequency induction heating furnace
What do you know about the SCR medium frequency Induction heating furnace?Do you know how to check the induction heating furnace?YuanTuo furnace company want to introduce our induction heating furnace .

The specification of the induction heating furnace:

DC power:50KW-2000KW
Inverter frequency:300HZ-50KHZ

Furnace application:

The furnace is mainly used for metal whole or local parts heating.It own wide application in forging,annealing,hardening,tempering,quenching and smelting so on.

The advantages of our induction heating furnace:

1.Control board uses the computer control and the digital trigger then to make the furnace have the advantages of high reliability,high precision,easy commissioning, and strong anti-interference.

2.The medium frequency no need to choose the start voltage and start frequency so to achieve the successfully 100% start.

3.The induction furnace were equipped the ideal current-limit,inverter angle control circuit, and the hydraulic pressure,over-current,over-voltage protection to make sure the furnace run smoothly.

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Post time: 05-23-2016