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The steel pipe heating furnace is short-circuited? Find out!

Most factories will use steel tube heat treatment furnace continuously during the loading period, which has caused great damage to the induction heating equipment, resulting in short circuit phenomenon of the equipment in operation, low heating efficiency and increased economic loss. What exactly should I do? Yuantuo Electromechanical summed up many years of experience in the induction heating industry to help you solve your difficulties.

It is suggested that induction heating equipment should use IGBT as power switch, which can make use of the characteristics of frequency doubling circuit to push the circuit to high frequency. In the case of load short circuit in induction heating equipment, we should scientifically select the values of Cd and LT, so that the surge current can be reduced to the greatest extent, so as to better protect the circuit. The operation of the circuit is guaranteed reliably.

The current limiting components are selected in the main circuit of the remote electromechanical induction heating equipment, which leads to the current rising but slowly rising when the circuit is short-circuited, so that the protection circuit of the induction heating equipment has sufficient time to respond. In the induction heating equipment system, because of the high frequency and large capacity of the circuit, we require that the protection work should be put in place quickly in the event of short circuit. If the above cases are combined, the loss can be minimized.

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Post time: 05-14-2019