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The strengths of the slab heating equipment

The strengths of the slab heating equipment

YuanTuo furnace company is a professional manufacture for the slab heating equipment.the slab heating equipment adopt the advanced induction heating technology.

Then compared with the traditional slab heating methods, the Forever furnace company’s slab heating equipment has the following strengths.

1.The induction heating is the internal heat source which can heat directly. Little heat loss, fast heat speed, high thermal efficiency.

2.During the heating process, because of the short heat time, which has a low rejection rate.

3.Small size of the induction heating equipment, convenient operation.

4.Clear productive process, without high temperature, better working conditions.

5.No pollution.The equipment is friend to the environment.

YuanTuo furnace company not only supply you the good quality equipment and service but also offer you the free induction heat treating solution according your requirement.

Post time: 06-28-2016