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The temperature control for induction heating furnace

The temperature control for induction heating furnace  

The temperature control is very important for the induction heating furnace . At an feeding temperature of the material, material properties, production line speed and other factors, the discharging temperature of the material depends on the level control system output power, the greater  power, the higher temperature.The power decide the temperature.

In the actual production for the bar heating or the bar Induction heat treatment ,the interference of various factors make the infrared thermometer is uncertain, such as heating material radiation coefficient change, environment light effect and not aligned with the bar center for the bar shaking. The uncertainty will cause the control system oscillation.This problem can be solved by prolong the thermometer sampling time .

The feeding temperature of the heated material seriously affect the discharging temperature of the material.Because the bar heating temperature directly affected by the cooling conditions, the cooling effect is worse, the more the residual heat of the bar then making the bar into the induction furnace inlet the higher the temperature, thus directly affected by the inlet temperature of the cooling conditions.In general, semi-finished bar higher temperature than the temperature more, so as the storage time of the change, the temperature of the inner and outer bar will be different.So it must be based on the actual situation to modify the feeding temperature of materials in production in time.

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Post time: 06-21-2016