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The the Features and Benefits of the aluminum bar heating equipment

The the Features and Benefits of the aluminum bar heating equipment 

YuanTuo furnace company has over 16 years experience providing induction heating equipment to the aluminum bar industry.YuanTuo furnace company’s aluminum bar heating equipment adopt the advanced  induction heating technology which can meet your different aluminum bar heating  requirement.

The the Features and Benefits of the Aluminum Bar Heating Equipment :

1.High energy efficiency.The equipment used the PLC control system to achieve the automatic operation.

2.Enhanced productivity.Heating speed is high than other heating method to improve the productivity.

3.Optimum heating temperature for the next process.

4.Optimal system efficiency.The equipment working can improve the you factory whole efficiency,

5.Unmatched temperature uniformity. Heating every prats of aluminum bar uniformity.

6.The industry’s most advanced heating technology in domestic market.

If you are interest in our aluminum bar heating equipment or other induction heat treating equipment, please refer strong technical team will offer you the good service.

Post time: 07-04-2016