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Ubiquitous induction heating equipment

Ubiquitous induction heating equipment

induction heating equipment and different types induction heat treatment equipment  are all over the world, wherever the equipment went, have been loved and accepted by the customers!.

YuanTuo furnace company’s induction heating equipment:
1. Used for welding category: all diamond composite piece drill bit welding; welding a variety of hard alloy saw blade, the cutter head; a variety of cutting tooth, a drill bit, drill pipe, coal drill, drill top mines accessories welding.
2.Used for quenching category: various gear, sprocket, shaft type of quenching; machine tool industry, the bed surface of the bed rail of the quenching treatment; hardware tool quenching.
3.Used for diathermy category: all kinds of high strength bolt, nut of hot upsetting; hot twist drill; diathermy diameter less than 80 all the parts of the casting.

YuanTuo furnace company’s induction heating equipment – classical planning:

A.  Selecting the IGBT based equipment, the full bridge inverter; 100% load rate planning, can be a series of operations.

B. Frequency active tracking and multi loop closed loop control.
C.The first choice to  replace the oxyacetylene flame,salt bath furnace, and gas furnace.
D. And maintenance function, high reliability, small size, light weight, simple equipment, easy to operate.

YuanTuo furnace company – a variety of induction heating equipment
* According to the production method is not divided into: general type, special type and production line of three types.
* According to the disposal of the workpiece is not divided into: shaft hardening machine, gear quenching machine tool, rail quenching machine, plane hardening machine and rod quenching machine tools, etc..
* According to frequency conversion method is not the same as: electronic clamp frequency equipment, machine type frequency conversion equipment, a thyristor tube frequency conversion equipment and power frequency heating equipment.
* According to the way to deal with the workpiece is not divided into the same way: there is vertical quenching machine tool and horizontal quenching machine tool.

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