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What are the advantages of slab heating production line?

Different from many domestic manufacturers of Steel billet induction heating , the simple combination of power supply and induction coil is different. Hengyuan electromechanical manufacturer has its own technical team, sales team and after-sales service team, and has a number of customer use sites in China. Our slab heating production line performance and quality has been in the leading position in China, using advanced technology, high-quality accessories. Compared with other manufacturers, Hengyuan electromechanical manufacturers have the following advantages:


1. The working stability, reliability and safety of slab heating production line are the guarantee of flow operation. PLC intelligent control system is used in this production line, and the control is accurate. Intermediate frequency power supply, advanced power supply technology, to a certain extent, save equipment energy consumption.

2, wide scope of application, customized production. We can provide customers with a variety of plate heating equipment, can be customized according to customer material properties, workpiece size and so on.

3. Modular control, operation and maintenance are very simple. The equipment has complete fault display function, can find the fault point quickly, and the maintenance is very convenient.

Post time: 06-07-2019