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What are the heat treatment of steel pipe? What is the purpose of pipe quenching and tempering?

What are the heat treatment of steel pipe? What is the purpose of pipe quenching and tempering?

Steel pipe heat treatment refers to the method to change its internal stress, metal structure and performance through heating, cooling(temperature and time control) in the steel pipe manufacturing process or pipe welding.

The pipe heat treatment process is quenching ,tempering, normalizing and annealing.

For example: The casing, tubing, drill pipe, line pipe used for oil industry will adopts normalizing, normalizing and tempering, quenching and tempering according to the different steel grades; High pressure boiler tubes, high pressure fertilizer pipline often used normalizing, normalizing and tempering, quenching and tempering (thick-wall tube) and austenitic stainless steel pipe solution treatment; bearing steel ball annealing.

The common quenching and tempering (QT) process is double heat treatment of quenching and high temperature tempering, the purpose is to make the workpiece has a good mechanical properties.

Quenched steel has carbon quenched and tempered steel and alloy quenched and tempered steel. No matter what is carbon steel or alloy steel, its carbon content control is more strict. If the carbon content is too high, the strength of quenched and tempered steel is high, but the toughness is not enough; If the content is too low, toughness increased but insufficient strength. In order to make the workpiece get better comprehensive performance, the general carbon content is controlled within 0.30 ~ 0.50%.

When quenching, we require the whole section hardened. Then the workpiece can get fine needle-like quenched martensite-based microstructure. Through high temperature tempering, the workpiece will get uniform tempered sorbite-based microstructure.

YuanTuo quenching and tempering furnace used advanced mature induction heating technology, closed-loop temperature control system and  import components parts, which can make sure the workpiece can get good heat treatment effect after quenching and tempering. At present, Forever continues to research and develop the parts heat treatment in order to help more customers to achieve high efficient and better heat treatment.


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