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What do you know about the steel billet heating equipment?

What do you know about the steel billet heating equipment?

YuanTuo furnace company specializes in induction heating equipment  manufacturing and marketing over than many years. All the equipment including the steel billet heating equipment,steel bar induction heating furnace ,steel pipe induction hardening line and steel slab induction heating equipment so on. They are wildly used in heat treatment, brazing, welding, forging and  melting field.

Our Steel Billet Heating Equipment was equipped the new induction heating system and other advanced  technology which has many advantages such as the following:

1.The heating speed is every fast.Sometimes the steel billet can reach the required temperature in short time and no need to preheat the furnace in advance.

2.The equipment is easy to operate.Our steel billet heating equipment with the PLC control system,the worker can operate the equipment easily.

3.The equipment adopt the new induction heating technology then can increasing the production efficiency than other heating method.

4.Easy replacement of the heating furnace.Our equipment  can change the heating furnace easily according the  billet size.

5.The installation is simple.Our service team will responsible for the on-site installation of our equipment.

If you want to learn more detail information about the steel billet heating equipment and other induction heat treating equipment,please feel free to contact with us.

Post time: 07-26-2016