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What equipment is good for stainless steel heating? Preferred induction heating equipment!

Stainless steel electric furnace is a kind of Induction heating machine for stainless steel heat treatment and processing, and it is also a popular induction heating equipment in heat treatment market nowadays. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, convenience, durability, energy saving and so on, and has attracted the attention of users. For such an excellent stainless steel heating furnace, users are very interested. Stainless steel in all kinds of industries are basically involved in the use of production, the demand is very large. For how to get high quality stainless steel, let’s take a look at this article today.

Since this stainless steel heating equipment is an induction heating equipment, its working mode is naturally different from the previous traditional heating equipment. The medium frequency electromagnetic induction principle used in this stainless steel electric furnace is used for heating treatment. In production, stainless steel is placed in the induction coil of the induction heating equipment. The induction coil produces heat directly from the inside of the stainless steel by generating alternating current, with less heat loss. The heating speed is fast and the effect is much better than the traditional heating equipment. At the same time, in order to ensure that the heating temperature of stainless steel heating furnace is within the set range, a complete set of high precision far infrared thermometer is equipped to realize on-line real-time temperature measurement. Through the original infrared thermometer, the heating temperature is detected and the data is transmitted to the PLC system. The system compares the data again. If the heating temperature is different from the set temperature of the system, the power of the power supply will be automatically adjusted to ensure the heating quality of the work-piece.

In addition, in order to further improve the automatic production capacity of induction heating and quenching equipment, stainless steel electric furnace can also be equipped with automatic feeding and blanking mechanism, the production realizes automatic feeding and unloading, does not need manual delivery, improves the production efficiency and reduces the labor cost of users at the same time. The transmission system adopts frequency converter as driver, which can realize non-polar adjustment, and the feeding speed can be adjusted online, which is simple and convenient. In a word, stainless steel furnace on induction heating equipment, an energy-saving and environmentally friendly, efficient production, intelligent consumption reduction heating equipment, more about the price of stainless steel heating furnace, performance and other information to understand, welcome all interested friends to consult Yuantuo electromechanical hotline at any time.


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