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What factors can affect the price of intermediate frequency furnace

The factors that affect the quotation of medium frequency electric furnace are mainly related to the selection of components, the content of intermediate frequency power supply equipment technology, the quality of products, the service commitment and the word of mouth of users. In the choice of components, the choice of manufacturers is different, the choice of materials is different, affecting the price of intermediate frequency furnace is different, such as furnace shell, that is, there is a simple steel furnace shell and stainless steel furnace shell, the price is twice as different. It can also lead to the high and low quotation of intermediate frequency furnace.

The cost of the case of the intermediate frequency furnace can be several times or even dozens of times, and the factors affecting the quotation of the intermediate frequency furnace are mainly the technical content and the quality. the different intermediate frequency power supply equipment has different technical content, the price is naturally different, the natural price with low content is lower, the use effect of different equipment is different, such as the power consumption, the operation convenience degree, the heating speed and the like, Naturally, it will affect the quotation of the wholesale manufacturers of the medium-frequency furnace. The difference in quality is not to mention, we all know good goods good quality and good price, and at the time of selection, we must keep the quality close and inspect the selected manufacturers. To a certain extent, a lot of troubles can be saved for later use.

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