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What is continuous casting and rolling process?

What is continuous casting and rolling process?

Continuous Casting and Rolling is called Continuous casting continuous casting (referred to as CCDR). In this process, the liquid steel will be pour into the continuous casting machine for casting billet (called continuous casting billet), and then without cooling, after holding in the billet heating furnace for a certain time, the casting billet will be send into the hot rolling mill for rolling billet directly.

Compared with the traditional process of casting and rolling billet first and then using billet heating furnace to heat for rolling, the process of combining casting and rolling is more simple and efficient. This process can also improve the working environment, increasing the metal yield, save energy, improve the quality of billet, easy to realize mechanization and automation.

The continuous casting and rolling process is now only applied in rolled sheet and strip.
The world’s mainstream continuous casting and rolling production lines are Germany CSP (Compact Strip Production), Italian Danieli FTSC (Flexible Thin Slab Casting), the Austrian steel company CONROLL.

Actually, when the casting billet discharged from the continuous casting machine, the surface temperature will reduce by 200-300 ℃. If rolling the billet at this temperature, the roller will be damaged. As the core temperature is still 1100℃, it will not need too much power as cold billet heating. We can only use billet heating furnace to increase the surface temperature to the required rolling temperature. The power consumption i s only 15kw/h for one ton if increasing the temperature by 100℃.So more and more users prefer to choose this process.

The principle of Forever billet heating furnace is induction heating technology, which can make the billet inside produce the heat and conductive from the surface to the core. The outside of the billet will not become hot, that’s why this induction billet heater can improve labor’s working conditions.

The advantages of Forever billet heating furnace

1. Mature technology, more references. Continuous casting and rolling line is a big project, which including melting furnace, continuous casting machine, billet heating furnace and rolling mill. The cost of the complete line will be more than one million. The user should take every details into consideration. Forever has finish more than 10 sets of this project, and our billet heating furnace has been running for 5 years and get very good response from the users. So we know during this process, what will the problem happen and how to solve the problems.

2.More suitable for large power billet heating furnace. Our billet heating induction heating power supply is using 12 pulse rectifier power supply, which has low harmonic pollution and more energy saving.

3.Fine workmanship. The roller is made of 304 stainless steel, the machine body is made of weld shape steel and surface sand blasting treatment, which is durable and nicer.

4.Simple operation. Forever technician will help user to set the parameters for different size of billet heating for rolling. The operator only need to start the billet heating furnace system, then the system will run as setting parameters.


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