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What is the furnace of square billet heated by electric heating in steel plant?

Steel billet induction heating  is the key equipment in the heating and processing stage of square billet. At present, there are many kinds of induction heating equipment in the market. Which equipment is more suitable for heating and the effect is better? Here we recommend the square billet heating furnace developed by Yuantuo electromechanical manufacturer. This equipment is specially developed for the properties of billet, so it is targeted and advanced. Here is a brief introduction to this square billet heating furnace.

electric heating furnace

Square billet heating furnace competes with ordinary heating furnace 1. In terms of adaptability, ordinary heating furnace does not combine the properties of square billet in the process of design and production, so it is easy to clog the material after it is put into use. Equipment vibration and other faults, affecting the normal production and operation of the equipment; The square billet heating furnace is developed on the basis of combining the hardness, internal stress and composition of the billet. The heating mode and structure all match the properties of the billet. The adaptability is very flexible and is not affected by the environment and climate conditions. The running process is more stable and safe.

In terms of quality, the furnace body, frame and other devices of ordinary heating furnace are made of ordinary materials, the toughness and firmness are relatively low, it is easy to wear, the replacement cycle of each vulnerable part is relatively short, and the quality is not reliable. In the manufacturing process of the electric billet heating furnace of the remote development machine, it has gone through layer by layer quality check, and has achieved excellence in each working procedure. Each component has very high wear resistance and corrosion resistance, especially the quality of the vulnerable parts is relatively reliable. The service life is greatly prolonged.

Through the comparison between the billet heating furnace and the ordinary heating furnace, it can be seen that the electric heating billet furnace is the billet heating furnace, and the performance advantage of the equipment of the remote extension machine is more significant, which can meet the processing requirements of the user for the billet. While providing economical and affordable square billet heating furnace for users, Yuantian Mechanical and Electrical Machinery will also provide high quality pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale one-stop service, which will certainly bring great benefits to users.


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